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Get Paid To Click Ads Free – Best PTC Sites 2017

For those who are not familiar with Paid To Click Sites yet, here’s our quick description of it.

Paid To Click sites or PTC sites are websites which pay their members in exchange of clicking ads on their website. There are other ways to make extra cash from them like Taking Surveys, Completing Tasks and Surfing the net.

Getting paid to click ads is one of the easiest if not the easiest opportunity to make extra cash online, you do not need any technical background, you just need to know how to use a computer and browse the internet.

Members will get paid through online e-payment services like Paypal, Payza, Netteler etc.

Best PTC Sites 2017

These are the Best PTC Sites of 2017 who are well known for their stability, reliability and profitability. There so many Scam PTC Sites out there so we only recommend to join these Legit Paid To Click Sites who have passed the test of time.

I did not include some stable and popular PTC sites here because they were linked to scam sites in the past and had issues paying their members. Only the Best PTC Sites can be seen on this page.

These websites have their own good qualities and strength. Some are paying high click rate, some with good affiliate programs, few have affordable advertising package and some have no minimum payout. Though these sites are different with each other, they have one thing in common which is.. “They Pay!”.

Top 5 Best PTC Sites

The Top 5 PTC Sites are well rounded websites with good credibility, they have been here for a while without major issue paying their members. A PTC site should be paying for at least 5 years before they can be included on this list.

And for some who are asking if these sites are Paying through Paypal, the answer is Yes. Everyone on this list is few of the Best PTC Sites with Paypal payment method. We know this is something several of you guys are looking for. We hope you will find this helpful.


Online: +9 years   
Avg. Daily income: +/- $0.04
US and Top Tier Countries: +/- $1 per day! 
Click rate: $0.001 - $0.01
Stability: 9 / 10     
Avg. ads per day: +/- 40  
Cashout Threshold: $8
Affiliate Program: 5 / 5 Average
ClixSense is one of the Most Reliable and Most Trusted PTC sites who passed the test of time. It has been online for more than 9 years, and it's getting stronger by the day. ClixSense never missed to pay a single member so you can put your mind at ease that this PTC titan will give you an opportunity to earn money and pay you without hesitation.


Online: +8 years   
Avg. Daily income: +/- $0.03   
Click rate: $0.001 - $0.01
Stability: 8 / 10     
Avg. ads per day: +/- 30  
Cashout Threshold: $2 >> $10
Affiliate Program: 3 / 5 Average

Just like ClixSense, Neobux is one of the Best PTC Sites that really pay, and for some it is the King of PTC. It has been Paying for over 8 years without an issue. In addition, their paying all of their members instantly, a sign that a PTC site is stable. Neobux is definitely one of the Top PTC Sites out there.


Online: +7 years   
Avg. Daily income: +/- $0.03   
Click rate: $0.001 - $0.005
Stability: 8.5 / 10  
Avg. ads per day: +/- 30  
Cashout Threshold: $7
Affiliate Program: 4 / 5 Average

BuxP is one of the most stable PTC sites today, it’s only slightly behind ClixSense when it comes to business stability. They have several programs where you can earn money from, like viewing videos from Youtube and Vimeo, viewing ads, doing tasks, browsing offer walls and their affiliate programs. However, it’s hard to earn decent money from BuxP if you don’t have direct referrals. It took me a month before earning a dollar from viewing ads, and roughly another dollar from doing tasks.


Online: +6 years   
Avg. Daily income: +/- $0.02   
Click rate: $0.0005 - $0.01
Stability: 7 / 10     
Avg. ads per day: +/- 20  
Cashout Threshold: $.5 >> $2
Affiliate Program: 3 / 5 Average

Scarlet-Clicks, is a typical PTC website, where you can earn money from viewing ads. Though, they have other ways to earn money from, like ScarletGrid, PTC Wall and PTSU it remains a "Bux type model". Their programs are similar to, doing tasks, answering surveys and clicking ads. The PTSU is a Paid To Sign Up program, where you will be paid after signing up to another program they're promoting.


Online: +5 years   
Avg. Daily income: +/- $0.015  
Click rate: $0.0005 - $0.002
Stability: 7 / 10     
Avg. ads per day: +/- 15  
Cashout Threshold: $1 >> $2
Affiliate Program: 3 / 5 Average

GPT Planet has been online for more than 5 years. It's from the same admin of Scarlet-Clicks. When it was launched, some thought that this PTC site was created for promotional purposes to compliment her "Big sister" but it turned out as another solid PTC site. Both sites have large numbers of advertisers and both are doing pretty well financially.

They are the Best PTC Sites because they have stable businesses and they never missed to pay their members. For many PTC Sites Fanatics and Experts, these websites are The Most Trusted PTC Sites out there.

How to Register Payza Account For Beginners

It should be unique and can not/familiar to those who have been used to play Ptc (you get paid just to click on ads) whose name Payza, on average they have had it. So for those of you who want to jump/follow-up in a world of ptc sites earn money through this course, you have to be prepared for. As one online payment tool most widely used and also later be used for other transactions.

Below are guidelines on how to register a glimpse into Payza, please move on!

There are three different types of membership in Payza

  • Personal Starter : an account that gives you the opportunity to send or receive money from friends or family and can make purchases online. This type of account has a maximum limit is $ 400 per month resulting in a cumulative year is $ 2000 
  • Personal Pro : an account that does not give a limit on the transaction so that you can deal aja how you want, RekeningTanggung this FAQ recommended to the seller of active or who do business online, but every transaction you in wear cost of 2.5% + $ .25 per transaction. For online businesses with enough of this kind. 
  • Business : for this type of account is basically just wrote, but it usually is for multi-level businesses.
Hopefully this tutorial can help you:

A. To register please go to the website Payza

2. Select the menu Signup . then select the your state and click 'Get Starter ' at the Personal Starter. Personal Starter suggestions for selecting first, because then the account can be upgraded in the future.

3. Fill out the registration form provided. Use the information according to personal identity such as ID cards or driver's license. Once complete click convinced Next .

4. Fill in the email address information and password you'll use to log into Payza.

This data is needed as we will go into our account later. So just in case directly accounted for the confirmation email will not be there anymore so do not forget.

The security question is very important especially for confirmation if we forget the password or PIN to acces your account, so be sure to note also let me not be a problem in the future.

5. Validation Email :
Registration has been successful. Please open your email and check email from Payza. Then click the activation link is included in the email to activate your Payza account.

6. Next enter the password you used when registering earlier for email address validation process.

7. Make a personal 6 digit PIN number to your Payza account. Well remember the PIN number is due to be used when you perform transactions using the Payza.

The final step is to determine the type of account. Just select the Personal Account and then Submit. Later if deemed necessary before the upgrade to another account type. After that, please make your transactions using PIN numbers are between 4 to 8 digits then click submit. This transaction PIN is required each time you access your account. Only you know, so please keep in mind or if you need to be recorded directly in a safe place.

8. You have completed the registration process. You have been the main page of your own Payza account. Up here but your account is still unverified / have not been verified.

Hopefully you can easily understand and help, the tank has been stopped by! ***** 

Latest Paid To Click App | Buxenger 4 Review

Buxenger has released its new version called buxenger 4 simplicity. As its name it is simpler, lighter, faster compared to its previous version. Buxenger also has added more features and PTC sites to its newer version.

Buxenger 4 is available for both Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Buxenger will save your 70% precious time time by making ads of all the PTC ready for clicking. With buxenger you can also make lots of PTC refs. Buxenger review, here I've explained how to download and use buxenger.

Reviews | features of buxenger 4:

  • Now buxenger 4 is supported on both mac and linux along with windows.
  • You don't have to log into a PTC site each time. Every time you you launch the app all the PTC sites will be logged in automatically. You can start your work directly after app launch. 
  • With buxenger you can maintain accounts of hundreds of PTC sites in one place including your earnings and refs.
  • In buxenger 4 you can watch ads of PTC sites simultaneously which can save 70% of your work time. For example if it takes 1 hour to click the ads in direct PTC page, it can be completed within 15 minutes using multi tab view button. 
  • Buxenger is the great downline builder. You can get refs for hundreds of PTC sites using single mobile app. 


Installation procedure:

  • After registration click download. Now you will be redirected to the chrome apps page as shown below.

Buxenger chrome app
  • Click "add to chrome" to install. Follow the same procedure to install in mozilla firefox.

Buxenger chrome app added
  • After successful installation the logo/favicon will appear next to the address bar as shown in the picture above.

Buxenger app usage procedure:

  • Click the icon to start the app. Enter your username and password to login. 
  • After login click add website button to join or log into a PTC site.

PTC site adding procedure
  • Lots of PTC sites will appear as shown below. PTC sites are listed under categories featured, buxenger supported and recommended PTC sites.
  • You can join a PTC site directly from buxenger itself. You don't have to search for genuine sites. Good sites are displayed under featured and recommended tabs.
  • Try to join all the sites under recommended and featured tabs. The sites listed there are selected by buxenger for their members.

PTC site adding procedure
  • Move the cursor on the site which you'd like to add or join and click add button. I've clicked on scarlet clicks for example.

Adding a PTC website to buxenger
  • If you're already the member of that PTC site, click existing to login. If you're a new member click new to register.
  • Registration process take not more than 1 minute. After successful registration that particular PTC site will be added to your list.

Logging into PTC sites in buxenger
  • After adding PTC sites. Log into each PTC site for first time. Automatically PTC sites will be logged in every time when you launch the app.
After login screenshot
  • After logging in PTC sites all information (Balance, no of referrals, no of ads available) about the PTC sites will be displayed as shown above.
  • The total balance will be displayed on the top. So, you don't have to calculate manually.

Over 400 buxenger supported sites
  • There are over 400 buxenger supported sites to work. Each site is rated and reviewed. If you wish to join more PTC sites other than recommended read the reviews before you join.

Buxenger supported sites

Working on a single PTC site:

How to view ads | Buxenger 4
  • To view ad / work in a single PTC site, click view ads button that is indicated in the above picture.
  • I've clicked view ads in BUXP for example.

Buxp view ads buxenger
  • Click on the ads available to add them to playlist. The number of ads you've selected will be indicated below the page as shown in the above picture.
  • Once you complete selecting, click the play button that appears on the right bottom of the page.

Ad viewing procedure | Buxenger 4
  • The ad will be displayed on a new tab as shown above, solve the captcha (will vary for each PTC site), click verify and wait till the stay time completes.

Ad clicking procedure | Buxenger
  • Once you get the credited message click the forward arrow indicated in the image to view the next ad.
  • Follow the same procedure to view all the ads.

Automatic account updation | Buxenger
  • When you return to the my website page the PTC account earnings will be automatically updated as shown above (BUXP).
  • In buxenger you don't have to close the ad page and click the next ad individually. This will save time and work load.

Working on multiple PTC sites at same time: 

Clicking ads on multiple PTC sites at same time
  • This process will save 70% of time. Hold ctrl and right click on the PTC site on which you'd like to view ads.
  • After selecting the PTC sites there will be two view ads buttons on the bottom of the page.
  • Click "view ads" button to view ads of each PTC site one by one. 
  • Click "view ads (multiple tab)" to open ad page of each PTC site in separate tabs.
  • Click ads simultaneously on each PTC site. Just spend one PTC site working time to work in 5 PTC sites.
  • Follow the same procedure mentioned in working in single PTC site to view ads.
  • Few "Forced ad view" ads might not allow you to switch tabs. Stay on the advertisement page to get credited foe watching those ads.  

Favorite PTC Tab:

  • If you wish to work only in few selected PTC sites daily add those PTC sites to favorite tab using favorite heart button.
  • This will help you to separate main PTCs from other PTC sites.
  • Favorite PTC tab also allows multi tab ad view.

Affiliate program:

Buxenger affiliate program
  • As said before buxenger affiliate program will help you to get hundreds of PTC referrals.
  • If you refer someone to buxenger, every time the buxenger ref join a PTC site he will be your ref also for that PTC site. This applies to all the PTC site.
  • Other than that if you ref upgrade you will get up to $20 upgrade commission.
  • If you feel you can't refer anyone to buxenger you can buy referral. Buxnger sell a referral for just $1. That particular ref can earn you hundreds of dollars for lifetime through PTC sites.

Things to remember:

  • If you wish to create main income from PTC, buxenger will play an important role. Experts review says that buxenger is a great tools for OTC success.
  • The way buxenger looks and easy navigation will increase interest in working in PTC sites.
  • Buxenger acts as very good remainder. You might miss any PTC if you work in browser directly.
  • Buxenger is approved by the PTC sites listed there. Buxenger is professional and passwords are well protected.
  • Buxenger will save your username and password in server and every time when you launch app you don't have to login each time instead buxenger does for you.
  • Maintain hundreds of PTC sites at one place. Buxenger will give you total number of PTC refs on all PTC site. Also you can get the total balance available from all PTC sites.
Video tutorials:

Registration link:

Click here or click the image below to join buxenger.

Click here to join buxenger for free

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Verify Your Payza Account in Pakistan

Verify Payza account in Pakistan and withdraw your money easily. Unfortunately Paypal which is the ultimate online payment processor of the world does not support Pakistan due to Jewish lobby, so we have to rely on Payza the only option left for us. Payza has many features but the biggest draw back is that all major website and shopping websites use Paypal or Credit Card for payment so Payza usability is very limited. You cannot buy gadgets, webhosting or Amazon gifts with Payza. But Payza is the big supporter of PTC websites. So if you have earn some easy money from online surveys than Payza is good for you.

How to Open Payza Account?

Payza allows you to open your account absolutely free of cost and activate it via your email provided at the time of signup. After that you can send and receive funds easily but with some limit. If you have open Payza Starter account than you can only send or receive 400 dollars per day and a lifetime limit of sending and receiving money is 2000 dollars.

So if you want to withdraw your money from Payza than first you have to verify your Payza account. There are several options for you but if you are not interested in verifying your Payza account than you can always send your money to your friend's account that has a valid Payza account and withdraw money form his or her account. Also there are various websites which provides Payza exchange either into your local currency or in the form of dollar but they charge you some processing fee.

How to Verify Payza Account?

In order to verify your Payza account you have to withdraw money from the three possible ways and your account should automatically be verified. The easiest way to withdraw money from Payza is via Check. In order to withdraw money via check you need to have at least 20 dollars in your Payza account. The withdrawal fee is 4 dollars which means that you will receive 16 dollars. Also your bank may charge check processing fee as well which will be around 5 dollars. Check will arrive in your country with 15 business days and you have to submit it in your local bank account. After that it will take 7 to 40 business days to clear. Please remember that your Payza check name should resemble with your ID card as well as with the local bank account name.

Second way through which you can withdraw money from Payza is via Bank Wire. Many people believe it’s the expensive method but it’s the fastest method as well. The processing fee for Bank Wire is 15 dollars from Payza part but your local bank will not charge you for this type of transaction. You will receive your money in just 4 working days in your local bank account. All you have to do is to click on bank wire option in the Withdrawal section of Payza and provide your bank details like bank account no, bank branch code and swift code etc in it. You can obtain these codes from your local bank branch.

Third way is very tricky and if you want to plan long term investment with Payza then this option is right for you. You can withdraw your money from Payza via Credit Card too. First you need to open a basic banking account in standard chartered bank in order to earn online money in Pakistan. Than you have to apply for a Visa Debit or Credit Card. Remember Debit card is only used for withdrawal and you cannot purchase any thing from Debit Card. After obtaining Debit or Credit card just enter your card details like Full name, 16 digit code and 3 digit security code mention at the back side of your card in the credit card section of your Payza account.

After that Payza will send a tiny amount of 0.01 dollars into your account in order to verify your Debit or Credit card. With this transaction they will also send a transaction code in it. You have to enter it into your Credit card verification field. After verification you will be able to with draw money from Payza. Withdrawal fee for Credit card is 5 dollars. Your bank can only charge you for your Debit or Credit card charges yearly. All other transactions are totally free.

Withdraw Money from Payza in Urdu

Payza in Urdu will make it easy for you to understand how you can withdraw money from Payza in Pakistan. As many of your already know that PayPal doesn't support Pakistan so we have to rely on Payza when it comes to earning money online in Pakistan. Payza was introduced in 2005 and its the renowned online payment processor after Paypal. You can open you Payza Starter account absolutely free of cost and the best thing is that you can send or receive money free upto 2000 dollars for life. There is a also a daily limit of 400 dollars which you can send or receive. In order to withdraw money from Payza you have to verify your account in order to receive money from Payza in Pakistan. You can verify your Payza account by four methods mention below.

1. Credit Card:

You can verify your Payza account via Credit Card very easily. All you have to do is to open Basic Banking Account in Standard Chartered Pakistan with only Rs.1000/- and apply for Visa Debit Card. After getting you Visa Debit Card enter card information in your Payza account and wait for Payza transaction in your Standard Chartered bank account. When your receive 0.01 dollars from Payza you will also receive a confirmation code with it. Simply enter this code into your Payza account to verify your account.

2. Wire Transfer:

If you dont have Credit Card then Wire transfer is best option for you. All you need is a local bank account with your name in Pakistan and enter all your account details in your Payza account. For this verification you need to withdraw some money. You can withdraw at-least 20 dollars from your Payza account. When you withdraw money via Wire-Transfer your money will receive in Pakistan within 4 business days. On successful amount receive your Payza account will automatically verified.

3. Payza check:

Payza also gives you the facility to withdraw your money via Check. When you request your ID card name check from Payza, you have to submit it in your local bank account in Pakistan. After 40 days long process you will receive your money in your bank account and your Payza account will automatically be verified. Payza Check charged are 5 dollars and your local bank charges for check is 6 dollars.

4. Payza Visa Debit Card:

Recently they introduces antoher method and that is their won Visa Debit card which is an awesome addition to all these methods. Just order your card with $20 fee and you will get your card in 25 to 40 days. You don;t need to have verify account in order to get this card. Just you need is a ID card copy and Utility Bill scan copy.

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