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Get Paid To Click Ads Free – Best PTC Sites 2017

For those who are not familiar with Paid To Click Sites yet, here’s our quick description of it.

Paid To Click sites or PTC sites are websites which pay their members in exchange of clicking ads on their website. There are other ways to make extra cash from them like Taking Surveys, Completing Tasks and Surfing the net.

Getting paid to click ads is one of the easiest if not the easiest opportunity to make extra cash online, you do not need any technical background, you just need to know how to use a computer and browse the internet.

Members will get paid through online e-payment services like Paypal, Payza, Netteler etc.

Best PTC Sites 2017

These are the Best PTC Sites of 2017 who are well known for their stability, reliability and profitability. There so many Scam PTC Sites out there so we only recommend to join these Legit Paid To Click Sites who have passed the test of time.

I did not include some stable and popular PTC sites here because they were linked to scam sites in the past and had issues paying their members. Only the Best PTC Sites can be seen on this page.

These websites have their own good qualities and strength. Some are paying high click rate, some with good affiliate programs, few have affordable advertising package and some have no minimum payout. Though these sites are different with each other, they have one thing in common which is.. “They Pay!”.

Top 5 Best PTC Sites

The Top 5 PTC Sites are well rounded websites with good credibility, they have been here for a while without major issue paying their members. A PTC site should be paying for at least 5 years before they can be included on this list.

And for some who are asking if these sites are Paying through Paypal, the answer is Yes. Everyone on this list is few of the Best PTC Sites with Paypal payment method. We know this is something several of you guys are looking for. We hope you will find this helpful.


Online: +9 years   
Avg. Daily income: +/- $0.04
US and Top Tier Countries: +/- $1 per day! 
Click rate: $0.001 - $0.01
Stability: 9 / 10     
Avg. ads per day: +/- 40  
Cashout Threshold: $8
Affiliate Program: 5 / 5 Average
ClixSense is one of the Most Reliable and Most Trusted PTC sites who passed the test of time. It has been online for more than 9 years, and it's getting stronger by the day. ClixSense never missed to pay a single member so you can put your mind at ease that this PTC titan will give you an opportunity to earn money and pay you without hesitation.


Online: +8 years   
Avg. Daily income: +/- $0.03   
Click rate: $0.001 - $0.01
Stability: 8 / 10     
Avg. ads per day: +/- 30  
Cashout Threshold: $2 >> $10
Affiliate Program: 3 / 5 Average

Just like ClixSense, Neobux is one of the Best PTC Sites that really pay, and for some it is the King of PTC. It has been Paying for over 8 years without an issue. In addition, their paying all of their members instantly, a sign that a PTC site is stable. Neobux is definitely one of the Top PTC Sites out there.


Online: +7 years   
Avg. Daily income: +/- $0.03   
Click rate: $0.001 - $0.005
Stability: 8.5 / 10  
Avg. ads per day: +/- 30  
Cashout Threshold: $7
Affiliate Program: 4 / 5 Average

BuxP is one of the most stable PTC sites today, it’s only slightly behind ClixSense when it comes to business stability. They have several programs where you can earn money from, like viewing videos from Youtube and Vimeo, viewing ads, doing tasks, browsing offer walls and their affiliate programs. However, it’s hard to earn decent money from BuxP if you don’t have direct referrals. It took me a month before earning a dollar from viewing ads, and roughly another dollar from doing tasks.


Online: +6 years   
Avg. Daily income: +/- $0.02   
Click rate: $0.0005 - $0.01
Stability: 7 / 10     
Avg. ads per day: +/- 20  
Cashout Threshold: $.5 >> $2
Affiliate Program: 3 / 5 Average

Scarlet-Clicks, is a typical PTC website, where you can earn money from viewing ads. Though, they have other ways to earn money from, like ScarletGrid, PTC Wall and PTSU it remains a "Bux type model". Their programs are similar to, doing tasks, answering surveys and clicking ads. The PTSU is a Paid To Sign Up program, where you will be paid after signing up to another program they're promoting.


Online: +5 years   
Avg. Daily income: +/- $0.015  
Click rate: $0.0005 - $0.002
Stability: 7 / 10     
Avg. ads per day: +/- 15  
Cashout Threshold: $1 >> $2
Affiliate Program: 3 / 5 Average

GPTPlanet has been online for more than 5 years. It's from the same admin of Scarlet-Clicks. When it was launched, some thought that this PTC site was created for promotional purposes to compliment her "Big sister" but it turned out as another solid PTC site. Both sites have large numbers of advertisers and both are doing pretty well financially.

They are the Best PTC Sites because they have stable businesses and they never missed to pay their members. For many PTC Sites Fanatics and Experts, these websites are The Most Trusted PTC Sites out there.
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