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INTRODUCTION What is Neobux?

Neobux is basically a platform system providing a
secure, stable and inviting economic model
for both members and advertisers to interact.

Like a buzzing night market vendors (advertisers) line 
up along the busy streets (view advertisements)
selling many things (programs, products, & services)
from vitamins, clothing's, gadgets, toys, books, 
antiques, too many other exotic items packed 
tightly into the small crowd spaces.

You (members) visiting the night market for the very 
first time is somewhat overwhelm with the rules (T.O.S), 
music's, people (graphics and features),
and bright neon colors (orange & green buttons).

Hopefully after a few days things are
a bit calmer as you become more
accustom to the new environment.

Let us use some analogies for basic Neobux terms:

Neobux - platform/land

Admin - administrator/landlord

Advertisers - advertisers/business owners

Direct referrals - friends or volunteers

Members - consumers/business owners

Moderator - customer service/police

Recycle - replacing/exchange employees

Referral expiration fees - severance pay

Referral slots - office spaces

Renewal - paying rent/office lease terms

Rented referrals - employees

View Advertisements - the shopping channels
(except you get paid a little cash for watching it)

After settling down here in Neobux there 
are a few choices you may decide to do:

- go elsewhere or other night markets 
(Neobux is still one of the busiest and innovative)
- stay here as a visitor (free members)
- become a vendor (advertisers)
- start a new business (renting referrals)
- start a nonprofit organization (direct referrals)
or use a combination from any of these.

To become a vendor is very easy visit this 
post (creating an advertisement) 
the post will explain many of the basics of advertising.

To start a new business takes some resources,
patients, efforts, managing skills and dedications.

First you'll need a bank (payment processor)
to fund your business with choices of either Payza, 
Paypal, or Neteller account for cashing out and payment transactions.

Then you can start to rent some offices (referral slots)
and hire employees (renting referrals) or have
volunteers (direct referrals) to work for you.

The costs for each office space (referral slots) varies 
depending on how many employees you currently have 
and/or will hire and how long to keep them.

You can rent each office space (referral slots)
at the lease terms (extension) of 15/30/60/90/150/240 days 
or (autopay) paying rent 1 day at a time.

And each office (referral slot) will come automatically
with 1 employee (rented referral) to work (click) for you.

As a new business owner you want to be profitable.
Naturally you will need to manage the employees (rented referrals)
and see if they are being productive (clicking on ads) or not.

When employees (rented referrals) are not being productive 
you can replace (recycle) them with a new worker for a small fee 
(like the hiring cost of finding a new worker).

Since you have already paid for the office 
space (extension) the new worker would just take 
over the previous employee's position.

To keep the employees (rented referrals) continuously 
working for your business you'll need to extend 
the office lease each time before it expires.

If you decide not to renew the office space (referral slot) then
the employee will be layoff (expired) for a small fee
(like a severance paid) along with the office space (referral slot).

As a boss you also get paid from doing your own work (clicking).

And you need to show up each day to work on time
(clicking according to server time) and open 
the door to your business so the employees (rented referrals) can
go into their office space (referral slot) and starting work (clicking).

If you don't show up to work the employees can't get 
in the door and work either so you don't get paid.
(golden packs upgrades) are available where 
you still do get paid when you are out (not able to click)
or take a vacation to relax those precious mouse clicking fingers.

You can manage and keep track of the employees (rented referrals)
daily performance with the (export list)

That's pretty much it to summarize:

-Click your ads daily according to server time.
-Rent and extend referrals.
-Get some direct referrals (after you have met 
the mininum requirements of at least 15 days as a member and 100 of your own clicks).
-Manage your referrals wisely (keep daily statistics and 
use recycling if it's needed and use renewing plans for longer 
periods to reduce the renewing cost in the long run).
-Buy any upgrade that you believe is a useful one when you can afford it.
-Repeat the above process.

The more money invested from your own pocket first,
the faster you can expand the numbers of rented referrals.

Read the how to guide/FAQ/forum for 
any additional help to your new business.

You can also start here with this (new members guide).

Good luck and see you at the night markets.
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