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Top 10 PTC Sites to Make Money in December 2012


  • Ads: ~10 per day, click rate $0.001-$0.02.
  • Payout: Minimum $8 for standard members, to PayPal or Payza.
  • Online and paying since 2007.
  • Chance to win $5 every day.
  • Referrals: $0.0002-$0.008 per click. Unlimited number of referrals.


  • Ads: ~20 ads per day that pays $0.001-$0.015 per click.
  • Payout: Instant to Payza/PayPal. Minimum $2 for free members.
  • Bonus points for every click - exchange for upgrades or money.
  • One of the most trusted PTC sites since 2008
  • Referrals: $0.0005-$0.005 per referral click and 1% on purchases.


  • Ads: Usually around 10 per day, with a click rate of $0.001-$0.02.
  • Payout: Instant to Payza/PayPal. Minimum $2 for free members.
  • PROBUX earn 0.02$ per ads clicked no hasstle 100% legit
  • Get paid $0.002 per hit from your referral URL.
  • Referrals: Earn $0.002 for Your Referral Click


Every Click makes Every Bux!
  • Ads: ~10 ads per day with a click rate of $0.001-$0.01.
  • Payout: Payza or PayPal.Minimum $2 for free members.
  • One of the most trusted PTC sites.
  • Earn From Forum Posting,Offers,Tasks,Surveys,Games,Clixgrid.
  • Referrals. Earn $0.01 for Your Referral Click.


The Best Traffic Exchange
  • Ads: $0.005 per click. Offers about 5 ads per day.
  • Payout: Instant to Payza/PayPal. Minimum $2 for free members.
  • Paid to sign up offers worth up to $100.
  • Ability to customize your own membership type.
  • Referrals: 10% for free members and up to 100% for upgraded.


  • Ads: Varying amount of PTC and PTR ads worth $0.001-$0.0025.
  • Payout: No minimum. Payza, PayPal and several other options.
  • Earn up to $25 for sign up offers. New ones added daily.
  • Get paid to promote and earn up to $0.50 per 1000 hits.
  • Referrals: 5 level referral program (earn 10%/5%/3%/2%/1%)


  • Ads: Low $0.0003 (7 seconds) per click but lots of ads available.
  • Payout: Minimum $2 for standard members to Payza and PayPal.
  • Over 100 sign up offers that pays $0.03.
  • Earn $0.05 per 1000 unique views when promoting your referral URL.
  • Referrals: Earn 20% on all referral earnings. Unlimited referrals.


  • Ads: ~30 ads per day that pays $0.001-$0.005 per click.
  • Payout: Minimum is $8 to Payza and $18 if cashing out to PayPal.
  • Online since 2008 and has made over $105,000 in payments.
  • Get paid to watch videos, sign up for offers and complete surveys.
  • Referrals: Earn 50% on all earnings - up to $0.0025 for referral clicks.


  • Ads: ~10 ads per day with a click rate of $0.003-$0.001.
  • Payout: Payza or PayPal. Low $1 minimum for standard members.
  • Get paid $0.10-$0.50 to complete sign up offers.
  • Promote your referral URL and earn $0.0001 per valid hit.
  • Referrals. Unlimited number of referrals. Earn 10% of all earnings.


  • Ads: Usually around 10 per day, with a click rate of $0.003-$0.001.
  • Payout: Minimum $1 to Payza or PayPal.
  • Lots of easy sign up offers that pays $0.10 and up.
  • Get paid $0.0001 per hit to promote your referral URL.
  • Referrals: Earn 10% on clicks and sign up offers. Unlimited referrals.
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