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Make Money with Probux ( Tricks )

ProBux is a PTC site that was officially launched on August 28, 2012, and has demonstrated great potential and rapid growth, standing out well ahead of other PTC sites that segment.

Many features make Probux a secure system, such as: registered company, ddos protection, dedicated and professional staff, stable business plan, excellent support, instant payments, forum, active admins, own script and unique design.
These are fundamental requirements for a PTC to succeed and will not become a scam.
But that alone is not enough, we need to investigate deeper into whether it is true or if we can trust the administrators.
After reviewing the site, and policies ProBux, made ​​a review based on what I analyzed the site, check below and see if ProBux is a Scam or Legit and draw your own conclusions.
Full Review - Probux.com ProBux administrators have done a great job involving new features almost every week since its official launch, this is a very important factor for any PTC, active administrators and innovating the system is very important and shows that everything is going very well, otherwise they should not invest time or money to improve the system.

There are several proofs of payment being sent to members instantly, and there is so far no complaint about payments not sent. This demonstrates that all are paying and have no faults or excuses for not paying members. Proof of payment can be viewed on ProBux forum:Payment Proofs . 

A PTC that is paying its members without any failures, can not be compared to a scam site.

Another very important factor is the money invested. In other words, the more someone invests money in a business, the more he will engage with it. Based on some analysis is easy to see that administrators have invested a lot of money, time and dedication to ProBux works perfectly. We realize that ProBux is not downtime/offline as other sites and neither has slow, it shows that its managers have invested a lot of money on dedicated servers and ddos protection so that your system can handle high traffic and follow the growth of the site.
Sites that are unreliable and probably a scam site, administrators will not
invest much time and money into the system and this can be easily seen on sites SCAM. But as we have seen, ProBux shows the opposite.
So, Is ProBux  a Scam or Legit ?
As you can see there is really nothing to sustain the claims that ProBux is a Scam.
Like in every business there will be those who will succeed and those who will not, and normally those that not succeed do not deal very well with it and end up putting the blame on others. In this case saying that ProBux is a Scam and blaming it for their failure.
Now that you know that ProBux is not a Scam why not click the banner you see under and join it and enjoy to get an extra income?> Signup Now  <
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