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My Detail Review About Probux.com

I registered on the site probux.com and I'am quite happy with the service.
First, the site is new and beautiful. The design is very professional, flashy and pleasant to navigate.

Probux.com is a registered company. Many PTC are not registered businesses and I already lost some money on them. Being a registered company means that the name of this people are bound with the business, with less chance of being just another PTC that will close doors in six months.

Let's get to my review.
  • Forum
Before I sign in, I entered the forum to see what people were saying. I saw several forums in different languages, to offer help to members who do not speak English.

One section that I found quite important before I register, was part of the payment proofs. There I could see payments ranging from $ 5.00 to over $ 100. I didn't complaints that payments were not instant as well. I have seen on other sites.

Also the part of feature requests. In this part, members make requests for features they would like to see working. The most requested are implemented by the probux team. This was the case for "add funds to rental balance from main balance". This feature did not exist when the site was released in August, but after several requests in the forum, the probux team implemented.

The forum has the help of some moderators, which are selected by showing activity in the forum and helping other members with their questions.

The online chat is also very helpful. There you can speak with a support staff member to solve your questions. I went there and talked briefly with Mark, who attended me well and was very helpful answering my questions. Positive point to probux site because only a few sites offer this type of service. That gave me a confidence that they will be there for when I need some help or have some problem.

We can also do the calculation of our earnings using the calculator we found on the FAQs page. You can get an idea of ​​return per day / month / year of investment.
  • Words by Admin
The part of the forum "News about Probux", Admin posts about what's new in the system. That was the part that really made me feel comfortable to invest. The Admin shows transparency with his words when he talks about the features of the system and especially when Admin talks about probux as a company.
  • Viewing ads
At this moment there is 16 advertisements availables to click. This made me this day $0.088 as a Standard Member. It's a considerably amount for Standard Members.
  • Direct Referrals
Each member entering under my link, turns a Direct Referral of mine. Whenever a Direct Referral clicks to make money, I get credited too by their clicks. For Standard members, the limit is a hundred. Golden Members can have up to tow hundred and Ultimate Members can have an unlimited number of Direct Referrals. This is a good option for those who spread their banners and get a lot of Direct Referrals. And for every member who complete the registration, the Golden and Ultimate Members earn a commission of $2 per Direct Referral. A good extra money.
  • Rented Referrals
I still did not rented any referrals. It's my next step. But from what I've seen on the forum, AVG clicks of Rented Referrals has left the users happy with the result. As a Standard Member, can I rent up to 200. Hopefully I will rent soon to update this post.
  • Minimum cashout
The minimum cashout is $5.00. I thought a little high to try outand see if it really would be worth investing in Probux, but I saw several payment proofs in the forum, then I have proof that this site is really paying it's users.
  • Surveys and Tasks
I missed this feature. Other competitors have other ways to make money. Maybe they implement something like this in the future. Already made my request in the forum.
  • Bottom line
Probux is really worth checking out. Not just because it's beautiful design, but it is a registered company and be paying for the users. The confidence that the site has passed to users, despite being a new site, is breathtaking. Reading the words of the Admin, I could be sure that the probux team are doing the right thing to stay online for a long time.

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