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Top PTC Sites That Pay Via Paypal

If you are a regular PTC user you will no doubt have become aware of problems some sites are having as a result of using Payza as their payment processor. I am not 100% sure of the finer details but it seems Payza is having issues processing credit card payments and this has caused problems for certain sites when it comes to paying their members.

So even though the focus of this blog entry is not to discuss the whys and wherefores of Payza, I have had several people e mailing me saying that until all these issues with AP are sorted out they would feel safer using PTC sites that pay via Paypal.

As a general rule you find the PTC sites that are authorised to pay members via Paypal are very much in the minority – but they are almost always built on solid foundations.

Here is a list of PTC sites that pay via Paypal

  1. Neobux
  2. Hits 4 Pay 
  3. Clix Sense 
  4. Probux
  5. Get Bux Today 
  6. Bux P 
  7. Link Grand 
  8. Word Linx 
  9. Donkey Mails 

If you would like to read full and detailed reviews of these sites and view payment proofs, you can access the information Here .

If you know of any other sites that pay via Paypal, please do send a comment below and share with other readers.

Many thanks for reading once again and happy clicking!

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Mehedi Hassan Arman said...

Original, trusted & genuine paying online site since 2008


You can see my latest from http://img20.imageshack.us/img20/1997/paymh.jpg

Anonymous said...

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Buktinya sudah berjalan sejak 2007 dan dibayar terus

- Dengan klik ads, anda bisa mendapat hingga 0.02 per klik, ads ada puluhan per hari
- Dengan mengerjakan 'task' anda bisa mendapat dari 0.01 sampai 0.08 per task, task yg disuruh kadang ada yg mudah dikerjakan shgga lebih enak mendapat uang dari mengerjakan task
- Dan ada lagi yang hebatnya yaitu memainkan ClixGrid Game, anda cukup menekan salah satu area pada gambar, dan nanti akan muncul screen yg harus anda lihat slama 10detik, dan anda berkemungkinan mendapatkan cash dari $ 0.10 hingga $5 , kesempatan klik ada sebnyak 25x per hari

AYO tunggu apalagi , segera lah bergabung dan dapatkan cashnya


Anonymous said...

Earn money from clixsense !! its 100% pay, no scam
it has been many years and it still pays


Anonymous said...

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frank boon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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Medical Value Travel India said...

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